Introducing A Second Child To Your First Born

It is a popular notion that a first-born gets agitated at the birth of a second baby to the family. This could be true if as parents, you do not plan it out in a proper manner. Communication is important; generally your eldest will be between two to five years old when the younger is born; at that age, children feels interested on another baby and confused if parents act strangely. So it is your responsibility to manage the elder sibling accordingly.

Tell the elder what they want to hear

Tell them that the baby is awaiting advice from the elder sibling; that will make them feel important. You can take them to see the newborn in the hospital, but keep those visits short as they can get scared or nervous due to the hospital environment. Mother can show the elder the little one, ask what he or she should be named, or which baby blankets they think the baby prefers. You must explain to him or her that the new baby is going to be sleeping and crying a lot and will need diaper changes far more frequently. You can also ask the elder’s help with those things. Assure that even the newborn needs more attention there will still be time for him or her and you can still do things like you used to. To prove it, it’s better if you can take the elder on a walk or to the kindergarten several days whilst a caretaker or a family member takes care of the newborn.

Don’t do sudden changes

When you are home with the newborn, even if it is the time for it, don’t start a fresh programme for the elder child such as sending them to kindergarten if not attending already, start toilet training or arrange unfamiliar play dates. There is a possibility that the elder child may misunderstand these times apart from you to be moments where you and the new baby can be alone. If he or she is a toddler they might develop habits such as sucking their thumbs or throwing tantrums for no reason more frequently. These are short time issues. They will go away when the routine is re-confirmed with a new member included.

Gifts from each other

Make sure to take the elder child with you when you shop for the baby gifts in Australia. You can ask them to pick a suitable colour for the baby’s room or let them choose baby towels. Make them feel important and in-charge as the first born. If they sulk when the baby needs more attention you can tell them that they were also like that when smaller. Buy a “gift” from the eldest to the newborn. You can ask them to pick it out themselves. Vice versa buy something which is given to the elder “by the baby”. It will also be helpful to keep a photograph of the first born in a prominent place.

A baby brings much love and happiness. Two babies can double it. But as parents you need to manage the situation so the happiness won’t be spoilt.

How To Pack Dishes Efficiently To Ensure Their Safety

If you are reading this article more likely than not you are planning on moving houses. In that case, you would be aware that there are certain items that you can simply place in a garbage bag. For instance, this can apply to items such as t-shirts. These can be placed in a bag of your choice and moved to the new home. However, there are certainly other items that require a bit more care. This rule applies especially to fragile items such as glassware and dishes. However, we understand that many of you may not know how to deal with these items. In that case, you have come to the right place.

Have Packing Supplies On Hand

When it comes to packing up your items you would attempt to procrastinate for as long as you like. That is because we all know how tedious this task can be. But when you procrastinate you would have to rush at the last minute. When this happens you would not have the necessary packaging materials on hand. This can then lead to problems. Hence, before you begin anything you should first find the necessary supplies. This does not mean only finding boxes. You need to understand that you are moving fragile items. Hence, in that case, simply placing them in boxes is not sufficient. Instead, you have to find bundling film to wrap the items. Furthermore, you should also have a label maker or pen on hand. That is because you need to mark each and every box. Otherwise, you would have an extremely difficult time identifying what is stored in what box.

Prep The Moving Boxes

You may think your duty ends after obtaining the boxes. However, this, unfortunately, is not true. That is because we understand that many of you obtain used boxes from the local store. There is nothing wrong with taking such an initiative. But you have to ensure that they would be able to withstand a certain weight. This, therefore, means taping the underside of the box. Furthermore, even if you wrap each plate you should still place newspapers inside the box. This is an additional security measure that you need to employ.

When Loading The Track

You should make sure to not place too many dishes in one box. That is because not only would it be difficult to carry it. But the box can also break. Furthermore, when loading the boxes one has to take some precautions. For instance, you should not stack one box on top of the other.Therefore if you follow these tips you would learn some much-needed packing techniques.