Carpet Maintenance Guidelines You Need To Know

Carpets and rugs are good when you properly maintain them. They provide some kind of unity between the various pieces of furniture in your room, making it all feel like it is part of a well-thought-out theme. Nevertheless, rugs that are not properly maintained cause more problems than you may think. Dust and hair accumulation make rugs look dirty, not to mention that they will then become the perfect breeding places for germs and microbes. All in all, rugs that are not taken care of will just cause you a lot of harm.Now that you know what are the bad effects of not properly taking care of the rugs and carpets in your home, it is time to see the proper methods in which you can avoid such inconveniences. The tips and guidelines given below will give you some insight on how to best achieve proper rug maintenance, regardless of whether we are dealing with a synthetic or natural round rug:

Rotation at Set Time Intervals

Rug rotation must be carried out once every few months. The reason for this is to achieve even wear across the rug, thus preventing discoloration and uneven wear on just a single side or edge of the rug. Although this is one of the easiest things to do when it comes to rug maintenance, many people still forget to do this, which is why it is the first procedure listed here.

How to Vacuum

Perhaps the easiest way to clean your rugs is to use your vacuum cleaner on them every couple of weeks. Nevertheless, make sure you use the lightest possible setting on your vacuum to avoid damaging expensive rugs and carpets. Rug fibers may potentially get detached when vacuuming at high settings.

Have a Professional Take a Look Every Few Years

Rug manufactures recommend having a professional rug cleaner do a full clean-up of your rugs once every three to five years. The time interval can be even lower for those rugs that are placed in high traffic areas, or even for outdoor rugs Melbourne. Having a professional attend to your rugs is also recommended before you prepare them for storing purposes.

The Washing

Before you consider washing your rugs, take time to ensure that they are washable (some high-end rugs may not be considered washable by the manufacturer). When using a machine, use the same setting you use for delicate clothes, as most rugs will otherwise get damaged in some way or another. When you hang them to dry, don’t use regular clotheslines: they will distort the shape of your rug, which will then remain as is once dry.
Remember to always consult the guidelines provided by the rug manufacture before doing anything: after all, they are the ones who produced the rug in the first place!