Reasons Why You Go Broke Every Month

Sometimes when it is the middle of the month, we wonder where all our money went. There are many instances where you realize that you have spent money on things that you never intended to which has ultimately caused you to face a situation where you do not have enough money to survive till you get paid again. There are many reasons why you will not have enough money to spend by the end of the month and following are some of the main ways why someone would go broke.


It is commonly seen that many people try to fit into and live a life that they cannot afford. People do this in order fit into a social group or just feel like they fit in. But at the end of the day, you they realize that they are broke because they have spent money to purchase things such as a duck feather quilt or something similar to fit into the society they are trying to live in. It is important to remember that this will be of no use for yourself if you are leading a life like this. If you have a need to purchase exotic items in order to fit to a social group, this clearly shows that you are trying to fit into something you don’t belong. Therefore, in order to avoid losing all your money, you can stop spending on unnecessary things as such.


Another reason why you might go broke by the middle or end of the month is because you do not enough to fulfil all your need. You need to ask yourself whether the job you are doing is paying you enough or whether there is anything else you can do in order to obtain a raise. If you are unable to obtain a salary increment, then you need to look at options where you are able to freelance or work part time to earn some more money. This will help you purchase the boxing equipment Australia you always wanted. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether you are getting paid enough and take relevant actions to overcome this issue.


This is one of the reasons why an ordinary middle class person goes broke every month. If you love branded items but cannot afford them, you will always know that at the back of your mind. You need to understand that it is important to focus of what is important and purchase what is necessary before you think about your branded purchases. Therefore, you need to fix your mistakes and avoid going broke every month.