Tips For Maintain Your Spa Pool At Home

There are some simple care tips to follow when it comes to maintenance of a spa pool. One of the most important things to remember is to go for a reputed store that will provide you with reliable spa equipment and parts. This will prolong the life of the equipment and you will have fewer repairs over the years. 

You need to be very careful about the cleanliness of the water. You should test the water regularly so that the pH, alkalinity, sanitizer levels are maintained at the ideal levels. You will have to test the spa about twice a week or more depending on the usage. You can adjust these levels if they are not ideal. You can also keep a log on the readings and the adjustments you have carried out. There are also parts and equipment for spas that you need to purchase. You can browse through different stores so that you get an idea of filter prices, spa chemicals, spa heat pump price and the prices of other accessories. You can then compare the quality and prices of the equipment to decide where to purchase them from.

You can usually use tap water for the spa. But it you live in an area that has hard water, you will have to test the water more carefully and use filters and chemicals to bring the water to a more suitable state. You can use pre-filters to remove contaminant such as silt, minerals and odours. There are different spa parts Australia you can use and you have to research a bit about the parts before you buy them. You can decide whether the part is something essential or simple an accessory. You have to clean the spa filter regularly to make sure that it is not blocked by contaminants. You will generally find the filter under the skimmer basket and you will be able to access it from inside the spa.

If there is a pressure gauge attached to the filter, you will have to clean the cartridge when the pressure rises to 8-10 lbs. In some cases, you will note that the flow has reduced considerably. You can keep a regular schedule for cleaning of the filter if there is no attached pressure gauge. The cleaning schedule will differ according to the use. The spa filter has to be replaces once a year or you can also change it after 10-15 cleanings. So you need to jot down the cleaning cycles and be aware of when to change the filter.